9 Steps to Abundance by Solreta Antaria

As I write this blog about abundance the time is 2.22pm interesting as that particular number 222 can mean things are on track & that you are manifesting Abundance! 

For me abundance is a state of mind,  for me what stands out is the break down of the word ABUN-DANCE! 
To really get into a STATE of abundance there needs to be a feeling activated, this is where you may want the dance to invoke positively charged emotion. Wether you are literally dancing or just feeling the active emotion of abundance dancing in and around you.
The emotional state in which you are feeling is the most important aspect of manifesting. So many of us want or wish for something to happen, this is sometimes where we can can go a little wrong. To want or need is to live in lack. To desire is different, desire is magnetic, it is full of hope & is powerful! 
When we use the words “I desire……………”  combine with the feeling of already having that in our lives which we would like to manifest, having already happened. This is where magic can happen. Let me break it down into steps.

9 steps to abundance by solreta antaria

9 Steps to Abundance by Solreta Antaria

1.Put your body & mind into the Present tense. (interesting present as in like a gift!)

2. State out loud or to yourself that in which you desire.

3. See hear & feel it coming into fruition..I mean really FEEL IT! This is where you may want to get into state and dance.

4. Charge it up make it FEEL magnetic & big.

5. Use positively phased affirmations through the day to affirm in present tense that which you are desiring to attracting. This is training the conscious mind.

6. Retrain the the subconscious mind to take on board & form new neural pathways for what you are manifesting, this can be done with hypnosis, deep state meditation & repeating the affirmations over & over again. 

7. Count your blessings. What are you grateful for. Again FEEL gratitude as you think about it.

8. Set the abundance wheel in motion, knowing that whatever you have or do not have, you can make a difference in someones life, wether it is $5 or $5000 Put you money, time or effort into a good charity or cause. Whenever you give freely with true emotion of giving & without attachment, it always comes back to you.

9. Let this now all travel out into the universe, knowing that you are now manifesting this or something even better to come about!

Please email or message me on Facebook, let me know how your manifesting goes.
Remember you are a powerful being! 
Love & Blessings

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