Psychic Readings & Tarot

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Reconnect with your soul purpose

All my online Psychic Readings are done remotely via Zoom (Skype and Whatsapp are available on request).  This flexibility means we can work together wherever you are in the world!

Whether it be love, health, a new job or you just need a fresh perspective: my online Psychic Readings are a great opportunity to gain more insight and to reconnect you with your soul purpose.

What happens during a Psychic Reading?

During an online Psychic Reading, I will tune into your energy field and connect with your spiritual guides and beings and their messages to you. 

Tarot and Oracle cards assist us in our reading to shed more light on certain areas of your life.

Aura drawings will visualise what I see around you and are very useful to de-code what’s coming into to your life.

Psychic Readings are available as 1 hr Starseed Origins Readings or 1 hr Mystical Oracle Readings.

Please refer to our Bookings Terms & Conditions prior to booking your session.






My love language is reminding you of your power.

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