Soul Bowls & Smoothie E-Book now available

Delicious vegan recipes to nourish the soul.

This Ebook is beautiful, full of visually inspiring, high-energy superfood-rich recipes, that can help stimulate weight loss.
It includes 33 nourishing recipes, Soul Bowls, Fruit Smoothies, Green Smoothies & Chia Seed Puddings, all nutrient-dense, alkaline, anti-inflammatory, healing, rejuvenating, medicinal, rich in antioxidants.
These have the power to cleanse & balance the body, reverse disease & illness.





Lets Get Glowing with high vibe nutrient dense goodness 


      • Lose weight & detox

      • Incredible tasting recipes

      • Learn to prep for success

      • Super easy to follow recipes

      • All recipes are gluten-free & vegan 

      • Learn a holistic wellness approach 

      • 33 Delicious Inspiring Recipes

      • Gain glowing healthy skin

      • Beautiful full colour pages

    Get your copy of this amazing e-book here:





    About the creator

    With over 23 years of experience in natural medicine, Solreta has an Advanced Diploma of Health Sciences.
    And passion for superfoods, plant-based diets, bio-hacking & a keen interest in neuroscience.
    She has also studied Kinesiology, Hypnotherapy & reprogramming the subconscious mind.
    Solreta is an Author, Teacher, Youtuber & International Psychic.
    Currently living in Melbourne, Australia, working online as an International Psychic Tarot Reader.

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