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MantraBand bracelets are made to inspire.
They are the reminders to choose happiness, to live what you love and to be present in every moment.
These simple and elegant bracelets with uplifting messages are meant to be worn every day and made to last a lifetime.
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SOul Star

Many have a longing for home, a place so completely comfortable that we may have only partially experienced it in this lifetime. Our true home planet is the place where our soul resonates the most. This is also the location our spirit has resided in before. This location is the soul’s gateway to conscious unity.

In this book you will be guided to tune into the frequency of your own planet or star system. Here you will learn the location of your planet and re-experience the environmental conditions of this planet. The climate of this world will be experienced through the psychic senses; which are the sight, sound, smell, taste, and feeling.

You will also be reunited with your star family. You will be invited to spend time with them and may ask them questions. Further connection with your home planet enables you to tune into the energy of your twin flame / soul mate and realization of your pure soul spark, deepening your level of love for self and others. At this stage it is even possible to ‘remember’ or ‘download’ your life mission and much more.

The soul star process can assist one to lead a more complete life by enabling the participant to dimensionally travel to their soul star with the assistance of their golden solar angel which will trigger an attunement, regaining a stronger sense of connection with the divine self. 

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Sirian Star Journey

Sirian Star Journey: Solreta Antaria, known as the ET Communicator, is deeply connected to the Star System Sirius. Solreta speaks Star Language which is a universal language of Love & Light. This language is not understood word for word, but empathically through the body and spirit. Listening to her music people quite often report shift’s and changes within themselves, both emotionally and spiritually, some are even moved to tears.

Comments the listeners are saying. “It’s like my soul remembers the music”, “I understand it somehow”. “Beautiful, transportive, uplifting & enlightening”!

Listen to the sample below:

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Soul Centred Meditation

This meditation album utilises hypnotic music with Solreta Antaria’s beautiful soothing voice.


Let her take you on a journey with binaural beats, perfect for deep transcendent meditation, hypnosis and subconscious reprogramming.


Not to be listen to this while driving or operating heavy machinery.


Please listen to the sample below:

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Sirian Star Oracle Cards

These Sirian Star Cards created and designed by Solreta Antaria, help to tap into higher messages of wisdom, bringing forth Sirian energies (From the star system Sirius), for healing and guidance.


Please see 4 cards of 44 below:

solreta-antaria-psychic-tarot-elements--stars-whiteAsset 7

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