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Psychic Readings for Clarity and Guidance

Internationally renowned, natural born Psychic/Clairvoyant.

Solreta has always been aware of other multidimensional realities. She is a ET/UFO Experiencer, even capturing some experiences on camera. Today she helps many people connect with their Soul Mission, working with Psychic Readings & Kinesiology to Quantum Jump her clients to be a better version of self.

With 23yrs experience in natural medicine. Solreta holds an Adv Dip in Health Sciences. Having a passion for Superfoods, Plant Based Diet’s, Bio-Hacking & Neuro plasticity. She is an Author, Teacher and YouTube Channel Host. Solreta currently lives in Melbourne, Australia, working Internationally online.


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Mind, body and Soul in Unity

My unique gift allows me to tune into a person’s energy field and translate colours and symbols that surround them. Often I see Spirit Guides, ET’s, Angels, Ascended Masters and more. It is my mission and my passion to help connect people with their ET’s and interdimensional guides and to assist on their mission here on earth.

I am also a ET communicator and deeply connected to the Star System Sirius. I speak Star Language which is a universal language of Love & Light. This language is not understood word for word, but empathically through the body and spirit. Feel free to listen to a sample right here.

Nutrition plays a big part for me when exploring the unity of the mind, body and soul. I am passionate about high vibrating raw food and natural remedies as they can assist in re-building and nourish the original blueprint of our spiritual bodies.  

During an an online psychic reading, I combine my psychic abilities with my expertise in alternative health science and techniques such as hypnosis, meditation and holistic wellness.

I will consult with your guardian spirts and beings and deliver their messages to you. I will also use Tarot and Oracle cards for clarification and look into past lives to identify reoccurring patterns.

Aura drawings will visualise what I see around you. Aura drawings very useful to de-code what’s coming into your life. Whether it be love, health, a new job or you just need a fresh perspective: my readings are full of insight and can help you to clarify your life’s purpose.

I currently live in Melbourne, Australia, working as an author, spiritual mentor, teacher & YouTube channel host.


Benefits of online psychic readings

Let's quantum jumpstart your future

Connecting the dots between your past and present self can open a pathway to a happier and more content future you. 

A psychic reading with me can assist you in shedding more light on certain aspects of your life and give you more certainty for your soul journey.

Take a quantum leap in your self-development and book your online psychic reading today.

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Connect with the energies around you.

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