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Healing from within

Kinesiology is a form of Alternative medicine that is based on Chinese Medicine & Chiropractics.  Using a technique called “surrogate” muscle testing, we tap into the subconsciousness of your muscles and your body to explore the deeper meaning of your blockages and fears.

My psychic abilities combined with Ancient healing modalities from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chiropractice and modern Western Science practice can assist to restore optimal balance of your body, mind and spirit. 


Helping peel back our layers, Kinesiology has the ability to work on a mental, emotional, physical & spiritual level, helping to achieve homeostasis, shifting through blockages that may be holding us back. 

With 22 years experience in the field, completed studies in Hypnotherapy and Shamanic Practices and an Advanced Diploma in Health Science, I can support you in creating balance in your mind, body and spirit and free flow of energy throughout your whole system.

Kinesiology sessions are available as 1hr sessions via Zoom or Skype.

More Offerings

Psychic Readings

During an online psychic reading, I will tune into your energy field and connect with your spiritual guides and beings and their messages to you. 

Tarot and Oracle cards assist us in our reading to shed more light on certain areas of your life.

Aura drawings will visualise what I see around you and are very useful to de-code what’s coming into to your life.

Psychic readings are availabe as 30 minute readings, 1hr, 2hr as well as 2hr couple sessions.

Gift Voucher

Gift Vouchers are redeemable for online sessions with Solreta and valid for a year. Choose between:
  • $75 Gift Voucher redeemable for an 1/2hr Psychic Reading/ Aura Drawing with Tarot

  • $150 Gift Voucher redeemable for an 1hr Psychic Reading/ Aura Drawing with Tarot OR a 1hr Kinesiology session

  • $300 Gift Voucher redeemable for an 2hr Psychic Reading/ Aura Drawing with Tarot OR a Couple 2hr Psychic Reading/ Aura Drawing with Tarot






Take time to make your soul happy.

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