FREE Blueberry Chai Soul Smoothie Recipe

                  My favourite recipe for you! I’m excited to announce that my book is finally here! This book is a collection of 33 nutrient-dense Soul Bowls, Fruit Smoothies, Green Smoothies & Chia Seed Pudding recipes that will help to balance and cleanse your body, mind and soul. […]

Soul Bowls & Smoothie E-Book now available

Delicious vegan recipes to nourish the soul. This Ebook is beautiful, full of visually inspiring, high-energy superfood-rich recipes, that can help stimulate weight loss.It includes 33 nourishing recipes, Soul Bowls, Fruit Smoothies, Green Smoothies & Chia Seed Puddings, all nutrient-dense, alkaline, anti-inflammatory, healing, rejuvenating, medicinal, rich in antioxidants.These have the power to cleanse & balance […]

10% off MANTRABANDS with Solreta Antaria

Excited to share!! I am proud to partner with one of my favourite products♥️🙏💓MANTRABANDSPlease use my link & code to receive 10% offPerfect gift to self or someone else for Valentines Day♥️Code: SOLRETAANTARIA♥️link⬇️

New Year, New You – Etherical Retreat Workshop

Such a pleasure to speaking Full Spectrum Universe, Omar, Rob & Jerome. My topic was 2020 💓🌟🥳🦋New Year, New You!!New years resolutions, plant based eating. Breaking subconscious patterns and manifesting your vision for 2022 Now up on YouTube♥️Full spectrum universe channel ♥️I appear around thE 3:32:27 times stamp

9 Steps to Abundance by Solreta Antaria

As I write this blog about abundance the time is 2.22pm interesting as that particular number 222 can mean things are on track & that you are manifesting Abundance! For me abundance is a state of mind, for me what stands out is the break down of the word ABUN-DANCE! To really get into a […]

Mercury Retrograde Psychic Tarot Reading Sep 27th – Oct 19th All readings are general. You may want to check out you sun, moon, rising & Venus signs.Please Remember to LIKE & SUBSCRIBE! You can also follow me on most of the socials, links below. Thank you! XOXO Personal Readings are only available through Solreta’s website. Bookings will NOT be taken any other way. […]

Heart Centred Ascension with Solreta & Emyrald Sinclaire

I had the pleasure of being featured on my alltime favorite podcast Manifest it A.L.L. by Emyrald Sinclair. In this podcast we talk about: -Communicating and co-creating with the universe through signs – How to raise and maintain your vibration (looking after your body, brain and energetic field!) – The divine dance between the 3D […]

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